A design is born - the story of super girl and super boy

As an artist my designs come to life in a variety of forms, in a variety of places and at a variety of times.  Creativity is relentless and I love it.  For me, I see things in colours and shapes, whether its a plant, an animal, a landscape, a building and even people.  I am drawn to things that are bright and alive and give me a sensation, a feeling and an energy.  This is what I try to translate in my work for you to experience.

The gallery of images above are the story of how the Super girl and Super boy designs came to life in the studio.  The idea of these two characters was inspired by a friend of mine who has twins, a boy and a girl.  And I wanted to create something for each of them but would also resonate with other boys and girls of all ages .  

Making each design is a process.  It starts with a drawing, then transferring it onto a plate and carving it out (in reverse), inking the plate and getting the coverage even and then printing onto paper.  The artworks are then digitally scanned into a format that can be printed onto the fabric. 

Some may argue that you could design digital from the start point but I think it's my traditional fine art training that leads me to always start with my hands, carving, the splats of ink on my hands, the smell, the anticipation and the excitement when the print turns out.  And even if it doesn't you can print it again.

This process adds a special dimension to My Little Perfect products.  The journey it goes through  to its point of manufacture is an adventure I thrive upon each day to bring to you.  All our products are proudly designed, made and manufactured with a tonne of love in Melbourne, Australia.  

Maggie X

Remember you're welcome to come and visit our studio at the Abbotsford Convent, Monday-Thursday

Photography by Loneography, Melbourne